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Back Talk's Chiropractic Custom music and messages

Our system is designed to give you complete flexibility and control of on hold messages and music for your chiropractic practice.

What is Sound Results Back Talk on hold service?

We provide a full service that features custom messages and music, tailored for your chiropractic practice; it is broadcast through your telephone system’s hold circuit. All calls placed on hold will hear your customized music and message program.

Our unique system is designed to give you complete control of your on hold messaging experience so that you can change and update your system as desired. Our service provides you the flexibility to provide current offers and compelling communications to your callers. This allows you to update your messages as needed whenever it is needed.

What is included?

The short answer is everything that you need from start to finish. We provide you a truly turnkey service. We provide you with a digital player and equipment if needed. Or you may just need some basic production services. However, we specialize in our

Our turnkey Back Talk subscription service package includes…

sound results on hold people
  • Unlimited production changes
  • Unlimited music changes
  • 12 New custom messages per year
  • Free use of our SOUND HOLD digital message player
  • 100% guarantee on equipment
  • complete script writing services
  • professional voice talents
  • licensed music productions
  • annual music licensing for 'holdcasting'
  • broadcast quality production services
  • 100% guarantee on all production services

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How much is Back Talk's Sound Hold Service?

These exclusive rates are only available to Back Talk customers. They are based on an annual subscription plan and packages are available for just $25 a month or $288 with an annual prepay option. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards. There is a one time $99 activation fee. Please ask your representative for details.

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How does it work?
phone connection

Through micro–chip technology, our digital audio announcers use your current phone system to broadcast your custom music and message program through your telephone hold circuit. Our online message order system and our custom ftp file system allow you to easily update and change your music or messages when needed.

Will it work on my phones? Our service can be installed on any telephone system or phone line. Some phone systems require additional interface hardware but our team of experts will find a solution that can work for you. If you have any questions regarding your phone system capabilities, feel free to contact us Help Desk more info icon. We will scour our vast library of phone system resources to find specific answers to meet your unique situation. back to top

Messages? Music? Voices?

Message Scripting

Our experienced staff of writers will create a message program designed specifically for your practice. Our goal is create compelling content that delivers a result for you. You'll find plenty of chiropractic messages that are just right for you.


An extensive music library is available with blues to country, jazz to swing and Bach to rock! Almost an endless supply of selections are accessible to enhance your image, including a variety of specialty and holiday selections. All music and sound effects licensing fees are included in the service. music demo


A pool of professional male and female voice talents are used in the production. Our skilled staff will help match the style and type of voice to best meet your needs. voice artist demo
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We have taken care of all of the risk and worry with our solid satisfaction guarantee!

We promise to work with you to be sure you are getting the best value for your investment. We will beat or match our competitors written offers! In addition, if within the first 30 days of service you find the exact service for less, we'll refund the difference.

Buy with confidence from a company you can trust!

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