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Why use Sound Results on-hold?

Custom Music and Messages delivered through your telephone hold circuit.

These are some of the top reasons why many find themselves looking for music and message on hold products and services from Sound Results…
Sales audioclick speaker
increase sales

Use Sound Results on hold to drive sales as a direct sales tool and ultimately increase your bottom line. On hold music and messages are a proven and effective vehicle to advertise products and services to your callers.

Sound Results music and message on hold services allow you to capture a captive audience to…

  • inform callers of your most "profitable" products and services.
  • use as a teaser for discounts and specials that you may offer from time to time.
  • use co-op dollars to advertise a specific brand of products and services.
  • call attention to other divisions or related business areas of your company.
  • cross-sell related services. back to top
Marketing audio
marketing signs

Use Sound Results on hold as a marketing device to publicize and inform. It can be the perfect medium to advance your current marketing strategies.

On hold music and message recordings are a powerful communication instrument when used in conjunction with other marketing efforts. Think of your on-hold message as a tactical marketing tool, and the content of the message as a part of your strategic marketing plan.

  • Integrate it with your mission statement and to bolster other communications and marketing campaigns.
  • Reinforce newsletters and other mailed marketing promotions.
  • Create and boost brand identity to callers.
  • Share news and information related to your industry. back to top
Image audio
image concept

The professional blend of music and messages provided by Sound Results on hold shows your attention to detail. On hold productions will enhance your image. Conveying a professional image is everything to a business.

Use Sound Results on hold to enhance your image…

  • Announce industry awards and recognitions.
  • Publicize your credentials.
  • Mention professional associations, designations and memberships.
  • Give your callers a solid and classy impression of your organization.
  • Boast about how long you've been in business.
  • Music is a proven method to create positive ambience and atmosphere.
  • Highlight your image as an industry leader. back to top
Customer Service audio
customer service bell

Use Sound Results on hold as an added customer service tool to let your callers know that you care about them and that you appreciate their call and their business.

Music and message information on hold can be used simply as a customer service device.

  • On hold messaging is a proven method to reduce caller abandonment.
  • Save time and answer callers frequently asked questions while on hold.
  • Let callers know they are still on hold and that assistance is just moments away.
  • Music and information can pacify and comfort callers, reducing their frustration. back to top
What are your Alternatives???

Clearly, the alternatives to on hold messaging and music are not your best bet. What’s most important about choosing an on-hold solution is that 85 percent of callers prefer information on hold to other options (Sales and Marketing Magazine). Callers will stay on hold longer with information, as opposed to hearing silence or music only (Connections, 1995). According to a U.S. West Communications study, when callers were provided information on hold, it resulted in a 45 percent increase in caller retention, a 15 percent increase in inquiries, and a 12 percent increase in requests for products and services mentioned during on-hold messages. The bottom line ­ one in five respondents said they made a purchase or decision based on information they heard while on hold (Telemarketing Magazine survey, 1992).

Let’s look at your other on-hold options again…

  • Callers never appreciate the Silent treatment

    "Silence is golden…" Except when you are waiting for service, or wondering if your call was abandon or disconnected! You should already know that your callers won’t wait very long before they will hang up, and 30 percent of them will never call you back. Therefore the silent treatment is not an acceptable option. Don’t think you’re not putting your callers on hold very long; the actual average is 55 seconds.

    Consider some simple facts: 85 percent (Cellular Marketing Magazine) to 88 percent (Teleconnect Magazine) of callers prefer on-hold messages to silence. But did you know that 93 percent of callers placed on silent hold estimate their on-hold time to be longer than it actually is (Teleconnect Magazine). Callers with music will stay on the line about 30 seconds longer than with silence, and callers with information on hold will stay on the line up to three minutes longer North American Telecom). In fact having an on-hold system reduces caller abandonment by almost 79 percent (Plain Dealer, 1995). Callers want to know they are still on hold and that you appreciate their call.

  • Radio on hold

    Your callers may not like your choice of radio stations and they could (and do) hear your competitor’s ads, plus you’re breaking the law unless you pay licensing fees for "re-broadcasting" the music. Also some stations have offensive music, and annoying DJ’s your customers would not appreciate hearing.

  • Music CDs

    This really isn’t much different than playing the radio when you put callers on hold. Sure they won’t hear your competitor’s ads, but they might completely despise your choice of music. Plus you’re still breaking the law if you don’t have a license to broadcast the music through your business phone system. back to top